Our Mission

By focusing on innovation and simplicity in both thought and action, and by assuming responsibility on all markets and cost efficiency in all stages, we are creating a strong and vibrant brand, which offers quality pharmaceuticals at prices affordable to all. The Melvet Animal Health spirit is based on cost-consciousness, our willingness to assume responsibility, and on innovative simplicity.

Cost-Consciousness :

From the very start, Melvet Animal Health has been organized for cost-efficiency, such as networking, finding simple solutions, and making cost-benefit analyses central to all decisions.

Assume Responsibility :

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Our Vision

Innovative Simplicity :

Melvet Animal Health is always looking for smart and simple solutions in complicated situations. We actively encourage new thinking when faced with challenges. We are not afraid of working with small companies for a true win-win principle in contracting.

The following value statements, developed by our founder for use in our daily business activities, reflect the Meltic Healthcare Pvt Ltd methods:
  • Affordable medicine is what we are known for.
  • Quality is the key to success.
  • Profit provides us with resources.
  • The Melvet Animal Health spirit - a strong and vibrant reality.
  • To reach good results with small means.
  • To assume responsibility is a privilege.
  • Innovative simplicity is the core of our thinking.
  • The different Melvet Animal Health way.
  • Focusing energy is crucial to our success.
  • Most things still remain to be done. A glorious future.